Floating World:  A Tent City Campground For Displaced Human and Bird Song
The project is commissioned by The San Jose´ Public Art Program

The SR 87 overpass, San Fernando Street corridor in downtown San Jose´ is activated by an interactive sculpture, sound, and light installation,  created by lead artists Robin Lasser + Marguerite Perret along with partners: Bruce Scherting, James Stone, Anthony Teixeira, Keay Edwards and Sasha Vermel. Twenty-one miniature disaster relief tents are cantilevered off the guardrail gracing the bridge that crosses over the Guadalupe River. The tents are built on stilts; the architecture is designed to protect occupants from the possibility of floods. The tent designs are fashioned after temporary relief shelters, and are scaled for birds. Each tent interior contains a speaker or microphone and lantern. The tents are a conflation of human and bird design elements. They provide sanctuary or shelter for bird and human song, water compositions, and interviews with scientists who speak about the Guadalupe Watershed, birds, flooding, and the relationship of floods to climate change. The project is commissioned by the City of San Jose´ Public Art Program in collaboration with the  ZERO1 International Biennial. 
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Twilight view- Green House Tents in foreground

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